9 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

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9 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

02/14/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in On page seo

The most important factor about a website is its loading time which affects its usability. Mostly, the internet users just skip a site if it takes a couple of seconds to load.  In this article, we are going to share some useful and informative ways to “Speed up Your Website”. These are simple and most effective ways and help your website in running fast. If you are facing loading time problem on your site. First of all, analyze your site issues on Google page insights. It will analyze your site and show all the error/problems regarding your web page and also show you the ideas to solve these errors. You can also check your website loading time using page speed checker tool which is proudly offered by Small SEO Tools.


9 Killer Tips To Decrease Your Website Loading Time

Ways to Speed up your website


1. By Optimizing Images

If you want to optimize your website loading time then you need to use the image editing software and always use the option “Save for the web”. In majority cases, images are the main hurdles in your website loading time and increasing your site loading time. You can use multiple image optimizing tools and online image optimizer.


2. By Choosing Image Right Formats

 The most important thing you need to keep in mind for optimizing your website images is that to choose right and suitable image formats for your website. First one, JPEG format can be said suitable format for photographs and images. The second one, GIF format can be used but it’s mostly suitable for buttons, logos, and banners. Thirdly, PNG format is more powerful and works like GIF but it supports more colors all of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

3. By Enabling gzip Compression

You can speed up your website up to 40% just by “enabling compressing” in your website Cpanel.  Just log in to your web hosting account and Cpanel and go to “Optimize your website” and enable compressing mode for your website.


4. By Optimizing Your CSS

Nowadays, most websites are designed using CSS. You can optimize your website speed by optimizing CSS. Use only clean CSS files or you can try online free tool CleanCSS. It’s very popular tool for optimizing your CSS.


5. Using Slash On Your Links

When a visitor visits your website and clicks on about page link “http://www.yourdomain.com/about” the server needs to figure out what kind of page on that address. If you use slash (/) at the end of your site link then the server will figure out that this is a directory page and it reduces the loading time your web page.


6. Using The Right Image Dimensions

Mostly the peoples have forgotten to use the height and width tags on images. These image tags inform the web browser about the size of the photos before loading it. If a user with low-speed internet connection tries to view the web page then, the web browser will display the reserve spot before loading it.


7. Reducing HTTP Requests

The every object (images, scripts) of the website requires requiring a trip to its server at the time of loading. It takes several seconds to load your website and you can make it faster by combining CSS files, scripts, and objects together.


8. Reducing Redirects

Too many pages with redirects is another cause to slow loading time. So, you must try to reduce the number of redirecting pages and it will be very helpful to speed up your site.


9. Reduce the unnecessary plug-ins

 If your website is developed on WordPress and your are using plug-ins. basically, too many plug-ins create security issues, loading issues and it increases your site loading time. So, if you desire to get more traffic and more sales then you must need to remove all unnecessary plug-in from your WordPress dashboard.


Final Thoughts: In summary, I can say that, if the above steps are taken then you website will loading within few seconds and it will be very helpful to increase sales. In short, your website will become user-friendly and search engines will like your websites. So, hurry up and speed up your website by taking these steps. If you have any confusion or question then I will happy to answer you. You can post your problem or issue by the comment.

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