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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority checker tool is most powerful tool which is developed by SeoMOZ, its logarithmic score on a scale from 1-100 which specify how a webpage will rank on search engines. Page authority checker tool basically works same like domain authority checker tool, but this works only for specific pages and check the relevance of information and links in a single web page to another.

Moz Page Authority score checker is one of the most popular and very important from SEO point of view, the higher of your website PA value is the more likely you have strong traffic and rank. Page Authority score can be used to check the strength of WebPages over time by compare the one page with another. It helps you to understand the place where your specific web page lying on search results. Let’s give a try to our Free Domain authority score checker tool to check what your page authority score value is.

Page Authority works on Web pages level only on the other hand if you want to check the complete domain authority then you should try our Domain Authority Checker tool or if you want to use other Moz Tool that calculate keyword and page rank of the particular website then you should use MozRank Checker.

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