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Backlink checker – A Necessary SEO Tools

Backlinks to a website are one of the most important building blocks in search engine optimization. Termed simply, backlinks are links directed towards a website. Search engines highly rank sites that have good quality backlinks. Webmasters must use a backlink checker to check the number of backlinks of their website and the quality of backlinks.

There’s absolutely no point in having a large number of backlinks which are spam links or links that have no relevance to the content of the website. Remember, search engines no longer pay much attention to the number of links a website has; yes they check the quality of the backlinks. If the backlinks are from sites that have authority and popularity, it will have a positive impact on the website’s ranking.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that a website has to other websites. They direct users from your site to visit another website and vice versa. For example, a visitor is searching for Honda car parts in Miami, and a Honda car parts supplier gives a link to your website. That’s a good backlink as it's relevant and related to your business.

What are Good Quality Backlinks?

Quality backlinks are those links to your website that come from a site that has a higher page authority than your website. For example, if your site is about Japanese car repair parts in Miami, Florida and it has backlinks with Toyota, Honda, Suzuki motor companies; these will be viewed as quality backlinks and improve the ranking of your website.

Google shows visitors sites based on their query, and the better quality websites will be ranked higher. Websites that have links to websites that rank in authority and popularity and are relevant to the site will rank the site over other similar websites. Websites with irrelevant or no backlinks will rank lower.

If you plan to add backlinks to your website make sure they come from websites that are high ranking and relevant to your website.

How to Get Quality Backlinks

There are some things that you can do to get quality backlinks to your site. Try the following:

  • Write regular press releases and submit them to media sites. Some media sites will redistribute your press releases for free if they think they are top quality. Others may charge a nominal fee to provide this service.
  • Write blog posts to popular blog posts related to your business. Bloggers are always on the lookout for new, interesting and relevant content.
  • Create social media sites of your business and link them to your website.
  • Write interesting and compelling quality content on your web pages. It will establish your site as a leader and compel other quality sites to link back to you.

Above all you must be patient, don’t expect your site to become popular and rank high on search engines overnight. Building any website’s authority and popularity takes time and no search engine on its first look at your website is going to index and rank it. It will mark it and keep visiting it and will start ranking it when it gauges the authority, relevance and popularity of the website.

Crucial Backlink Factors

The number of backlinks that a website has is crucial. But that’s not the only factor that matters. Here are some crucial facts that you must bear in mind.

  1. Relevance: Let’s assume your website is about selling Japanese cars spare parts. But if you have links from sites that have no connection to your website like (How to Train German Sheppard) this won’t boost your website in fact it will trigger suspicion about it. Google might think you purchased these links and may penalize you. Yes links to other car parts suppliers and dealers will boost your website.
  2. Authority: The websites linking to your site must have authority. This means that they should be popular with search engines. They must have an established repute with them. They must be related to your industry.
  3. . Types of Websites: You should not only focus on getting backlinks to websites related to your industry. But you should also focus on getting backlinks with popular social media and blog posts sites. Quality blogs and reviews carry weight age with search engines.
  4. Acquisition Speed: Avoid rushing to get backlinks. If your website suddenly has a thousand backlinks, Google and other search engines are going to get suspicious. Never try to use ‘black hat’ methods to gain backlinks, as you will eventually lose out. Don’t fall for sites that promise to give you 1000 free backlinks or 2000 backlink generator. Generate your backlinks organically over time and keep a watch on your backlinks.

Never buy backlinks from any company that promises to supply 2000 backlink generator or any such scams. There are no shortcuts to building quality backlinks so don’t fall for any spam sellers promises

Like it takes the time to establish and build a reputable business, the same rules apply to building quality websites.

Backlink Checker

A good and reliable backlink checker tool is available on smallseotoolz.net. Just go to the site from the navigation bar on your search browser. Click on the backlink checker icon. Enter the domain name of the website and click ‘Submit.' Wait for a few seconds, and it will display the number of backlinks to the domain.

With this information, you can now check your backlinks and evaluate the value of the backlinks. If they are questionable, then remove them immediately. If they are quality links, retain them and try to get other similar links.

At time ‘black hat’ operators will try to link your site to other questionable sites. You don’t want these links as they can jeopardize the trustworthiness of your site.



You must keep a close eye on your backlinks as they are important in ranking your website. Remember quality not quantity should be your focus on creating backlinks. Regardless of the fact of whether you are managing one or several websites, don’t make mistakes in selecting the right backlinks for the sites.

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