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Ten basic requirements for a website to be considered legal in 2016

When creating a website it is necessary to know the requirements you must meet to be considered as legal, because, otherwise, we will be breaking the rules in force, which may bring us more of a problem. You'd explain what these legal requirements! In this article, we have explained all the requirement for a website or organization to be considered legal.                                             1. If you are selling, you have to sign...
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Best Keyword Research Ideas You Must Know

Business owners, if you are sure of making money online fortune, you know how important competitor research. Beating your competitors, and senior high right keywords are what you want.When we do keyword research, analyzing data from SERP's best sites we take our niche. This ensures that we are targeting the right keywords.                                 Read 7 YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools To Go Viral On YouTube Simple. But only in theory. In fact, even if giants such as...
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How To Check And Recover From Google Penalty? (Complete Guide)

How to identify and recover your website from Google manual penalties and algorithm updates? Is your website organic traffic got down? Have you worried about that your website searches are affected by google’s panda or penguin update? Most SEO experts and SEO agencies charge to answer this question. A good new for you that here (Small SEO tools) me going to show a complete step by step guide with snapshots about how to identify Google penalties? And methods about how to recover from Google penalties?          ...
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7 YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools To Go Viral On YouTube

This article will help you to find suitable keywords for YouTube videos and help you to beat up your competitors and viral YouTube videos fast. The main and traditional keywords tool was Adwords keyword tool which is replaced by keyword planner now.                                                      Creating good videos on YouTube can be very helpful to promote your business fast and it refers users to your website and...
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How to Get Your Posts Featured On Google Search?

How to get your website posts featured on Google? Google is one of the most popular search engines of the world with a large number of users worldwide and it covers more than 80% overall searches. Google mostly displays answer against search queries directly in search results with snippets and highlight the result. It doesn’t necessary that your website on #1 result to be highlighted. Google only highlight the results which exactly matching to the search and perfect answer. Google can highlight any of the ones results from the first ten...
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Ways To Setup 301 Permanent Redirect On Your Website

Redirect means to “forward one web page to another” and it is mostly used for expired pages and event pages. For example, you are going to hold an event on your website in February 2016 and after February the event will end and the event URL expire.  There are several types of redirect and “301 Permanent Redirect” is one of the most professional and search engine friendly for websites redirections.                                        ...
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The 10 Characteristics To Choose Good Domain Names

Domains can be called the real estate of the internet. A good relevant and smart domain will be the assurance of your website’s success. But the question is “how to identify right domain for your business?" Here you will find the 10 most important characteristics to choose the right domain name for your niche.                                       1. It should be short The first and most important factor for a Good domain name that it...
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