The 10 Characteristics To Choose Good Domain Names

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The 10 Characteristics To Choose Good Domain Names

06/11/2016 9:30 AM by Admin in Good domains, characteristics of right domain

Domains can be called the real estate of the internet. A good relevant and smart domain will be the assurance of your website’s success. But the question is “how to identify right domain for your business?" Here you will find the 10 most important characteristics to choose the right domain name for your niche.


1. It should be short

The first and most important factor for a Good domain name that it should be short. It is very hard to find three-letter or domains are already gone and five letters are going fast. So, it will be very lucky for you if you will able to find the four or five letters domain.

There is no defined number of characters but you should aim just remember that the shorter is better. If you really need some guidance, try to go below 10 characters, and never exceed 20.

There is no fixation that you must choose four or five characters domain but the thing to remember is that shorter is better than a longer one. If you really want some help then try to find fewer than 10 characters and never exceed 20. Now, about the number of words, domains with one word are gold, two-word names are good, three words name is average and above that is no more than a bad idea.

Example: is an outstanding domain name with worth millions of is the good domain with two words and worth thousands of dollars. is an average domain and it can be for a website. The thing is to be remembered here target your favorite keyword in your domain name.


2. Easy to remember

Average internet users don’t use bookmarks; they just memorize the favorite websites in their mind. If your domain contains complex words and not easy to remember then it will be a loss in your existing visitors.

Example: is the short name, but not easy to remember ever, so if you choose this type of domain name it will be a bad idea for your website (business). Another is long domain name but it is easy to remember so, it will be perfect for your niche. So, its main factor you must need to keep in your mind at the time of choosing you niche name.


3. Easy to spell

The third factor, it should be easy to spell. So, in this case, you need to avoid using words with complex pronunciation, the strange combination of characters and anything which can misspell your website address.

Example: is a domain which can create a problem for English speaker, and not easy to remember. You have to choose always the keyword in the relevant language if you are promoting a business in the English language, and choosing keyword of Italian language so, it will be a bad idea.


4. Having .com extension

The organizations should prefer to register the related extensions e.g. .org domain and the companies with specific geographical regions have to register local extension (e.g., cn). In my personal view, .com is always best for startup. This is one of the most popular around domain extension around the world.

The organic visitors or paid link visitor will pay attention on website name, not on URL. Next time, if they want to visit your site they just enter the name and (Ctrl + Enter) and go the website e.g. so, if you are not on then they will anywhere else.

Example: Here is the example of famous blogging master “Darren Rowse” who created his blog with top level domain name Having strong brand, a lot of his visits started going on After few year, he decided to buy .com extension against 5000$ and redirected it to his own previous .net website to catch his maximum visitors.


5. It Should Be Descriptive

A large number of users come throw the search engines and backlinks on your websites. They will come again and again if the website is attractive.The descriptive domain name will give the idea to your visitors, what is your site? What about it? Before they enter on the website if your domain contains related keyword it will also help the search engines.

Example: Here I code the example of and anyone can understand about this web site before visiting it right? Let’s suppose that you are searching about the SEO the first result comes from and the other from so which one you click? Absolutely SEO book because you have an idea in your mind that brother soft will provide exact services you are searching for.


6. It should be Brand Able

A brandable domain with right pronunciation and interesting letters combinations will attract more customers. Sometimes they are not descriptive but attain equal attention (users). Brand Able domain will attract the visitors with website name and its contents. You need to keep in mind that brandable domains can be descriptive as well but not always have the both qualities.

Example: is a famous blog about gaming on the internet, you can see it is not descriptive at all, but the strong brand and every gamer absolutely recommend it across the web.


7. They don’t contain hyphens or numbers

Domains contain hyphens, underscore and number are cheaper. We can say that they are suffering from the same problem of domains not having .com extension or spelling mistakes.

Example: Here I code the example of most popular gadget blog having over 70,000 subscribers In spite of having a huge subscriber, the people prefer typing the domain directly into the address bar. Just to say that some of them just forgot to add hyphens in the URL so the owner of should need to buy the to fix this problem. In short, if you URL contain hyphens and you want to get your website in under Google search box suggestion then Google will prefer the domain without hyphens in search suggestions.


8. Use Domain Suggestion Tool

Use domain searching tool like which provides fast domain availability suggestion. You can find the perfect and available domain which meets your criteria. You don’t need to register with them but you can find available domains. It will be the time saver for you.


9. The Essentials

Try to find, smart, short and keyword rich memorable domain for your business and it will be the guarantee of your successful business and easy to promote it.


10. Respect Trademark

The most important thing is that to respect other’s trademark and try to avoid to register the domain competing with other words in search results and make sure yourself it doesn’t violate someone trademark.


Final Thoughts: Don’t be sad if your current domain doesn’t have all of the above-mentioned characteristics. These, just are factors you need to keep in mind before registering your domain names.

I large number of the domain only cover two or three points so, it doesn’t mean to discourage yourself but these are factors if you avail all of them it will more helpful achieve success in the right way. If you have any suggestion, complaint or confusion about this topic doesn’t hesitate to comment blow. I will appreciate you feed and reply within 24 hours.


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