How to Get Your Posts Featured On Google Search?

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How to Get Your Posts Featured On Google Search?

06/19/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo, google featured posts, case studies

How to get your website posts featured on Google?

Google is one of the most popular search engines of the world with a large number of users worldwide and it covers more than 80% overall searches. Google mostly displays answer against search queries directly in search results with snippets and highlight the result. It doesn’t necessary that your website on #1 result to be highlighted. Google only highlight the results which exactly matching to the search and perfect answer. Google can highlight any of the ones results from the first ten results I mean one from the first page. It highlights one of the results from given top ten and highlights the answer which exactly match the search query. It is not necessary that it from the post-Meta tags or paragraph startup, it can be taken from any part of the post. And it will not show the specific words, I mean two hundred or three hundred it depends on Google how much words or sentences it will show about the query. 

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Here, I will show you case study about the featured snippets posts in Google. Peoples describe the merits of featured snippets and it also is known as “direct answer” or “rich answer” which is taken from their own site. The thing comes to knowledge that Google provide the answer directly in search results will be lower traffic. Here I am going to share some live case studies with actual traffic results.


Confluent Forms: Case Study .1

David Kutcher the owner of confluent forms shared the results on Search Engine Land. Confluent forms, a site having lower domain authority (DA) 47 and I take it as the example. Here is the page of this website which is highlighted by Google against search query and query is  “what is a rfp

                                                                           Get featured posts on google from
An interesting thing about this example that the snippets URL is not on number 1. It’s at number two and the first one is Wikipedia and chosen number two for snippets. The content looks like in question as follows:

                                                 get featured posts on google from smallseotoolz

Here, you can see that the how answer to the question is clear, clean, direct and in simple way. This is an example of a great user’s experience. The traffic story inside it is as follows. Let’s see: It looks clear that snippets content got an increase in the traffic. Let’s look at second example:


Steady Demand: Case Study 2

This is another example of a featured post on Google search and it come from Ben Fisher (Steady Demand) having a domain with authority 38. The search query in this case study is “How to get more followers on Google plus”.

                                                                                                get more targated follower to your Google Plus page

Look at the steady demand page which selected by Google for featured snippets. Here you will find the highlighted text in image format which is selected for the feature post.
In my last review of confluent form, you can examine how the answer to the question was direct, clear and clean. Let’s have a look how it affected the traffic.


So you have seen two examples that how to jump traffic after getting featured snippets post.

                                                            Featured Answer traffic affect
Really, these examples are important to understanding the matter and there is no guarantee that your website can achieve the same results. So, we can consider that is direct answering as potential SEO tactics. 

Procedure to get featured snippets posts in Google search results

How is it possible to get answer featured in search results? After the deep research and consulting we, have come to know the results and going to share the four simple steps to achieve feature posts in search.

1. Provide a clear, easy and direct answer to “search query” questions.
2. Identify simple question related to the market area.
3. Make easy access for users and Google to access your page.
4. Provide a vast info about the direct answer.


These are common things we find in case studies, and studied professional sites about featured results.  Another question, does it works?

All the case studies were interesting, but we want to see that it really works for us are not. To identify we picked out some common phrases in SEO market and created content about them. Shot videos with great content and clean transcript of the video and published them on may 20. 

We provided information more than an answer in this video. After few days review, we receive featured snippet status

                                                                                              how to implement nofollow link attribe

Try to speed up these things up, we also Google plus our pages and submitted to search console. Just after three days, two out of five pages had received featured snippet and 40 percent success ratio is not bad.


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Final Thoughts: In my view, getting featured posts in search results is key to the success of your site is one of the good things. It depends on upon you how you identify common customers question regarding product and provide a complete and vast solution. Providing a simple, clear and direct answer can make more chance for the featured post. This is my personal view about feature search results in the search engine and I hope you will like this article. If you have any problem, issue and error about this article don’t forget to share in comments blow.

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