Best Keyword Research Ideas You Must Know

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Best Keyword Research Ideas You Must Know

07/18/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Keyword research, seo ideas

Business owners, if you are sure of making money online fortune, you know how important competitor research. Beating your competitors, and senior high right keywords are what you want.When we do keyword research, analyzing data from SERP's best sites we take our niche. This ensures that we are targeting the right keywords.
                                Keyword Research Idea You Must Know

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Simple. But only in theory. In fact, even if giants such as Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, not your competitors, they will almost certainly rank high. "Your" keywords, because of the huge amount of words in their pools.

Here is the top technique, as even a small business can take on the giants.


  • Some instruments can perform back to back comparison of the bands. This can be used to see which keywords competing sites have in common?
  • But what if there is a smarter way to access your opponents that require significantly less time. If you focus on pushing your own pages at the top, you will see great results far faster than putting a huge effort of website promotion.
  • Getting a list of keywords per page is not a new thing, but revealing competing pages in your target page is something we have never seen before. Why Because there was not just a tool.


What is Serpstat and how it works?

Serpstat the page against Page Analysis - a new feature that allows you to determine which pages to the top of search engines are ranking for your targeted keywords, but what is really great about it is that you do not even have to open the pages to analyze their keywords and get the most out of them. Serpstat beaches that you matching your keywords page keywords in pages that are competing and gives you a list of missing keywords.
                                   Serpstat site overview

Missing keywords are a goldmine for those who want to expand their keyword pools, it is a list of keywords that you do not use, but your competitors use pages similar to yours.

                                            serpstat  site visibility
As more and more sites are getting more and more competitive in the SERP's it's about time we started treating the pages of such sites. If you want to promote the page, you need to analyze that page, as well as the pages of this competitor.

                                 SERPSTAT site competitors

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