Ten basic requirements for a website to be considered legal in 2016

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Ten basic requirements for a website to be considered legal in 2016

07/21/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Company seo, company website requirements

When creating a website it is necessary to know the requirements you must meet to be considered as legal, because, otherwise, we will be breaking the rules in force, which may bring us more of a problem. You'd explain what these legal requirements! In this article, we have explained all the requirement for a website or organization to be considered legal.

                                         Requirements to be considered a website legal


1. If you are selling, you have to sign up

Just as if you put up your business in a physical store you must register as a standalone or enterprise, the same happens in the online arena. Also, you have to declare a quarterly basis.


2. Save all contracts

When establishing the domain and specialist web design , saves all relevant contracts to keep on hand in case the authorities ask you.

3. Signing up in the file of the Spanish Data Protection Agency

Typically, many of the online marketing strategies aim to bring together customer information, so you 'll need to sign up for this organization.

4. Comply with applicable law cookies and inform your users

Surely you've entered more than a web showing a notice informing that they comply with the rules on cookies, you have to also do the same.

5. Establish the general conditions of contract

They will have to explain each of the purchasing conditions. In addition, your customers must read and accept before making a purchase.

6. It incorporates a secure payment system

Need to implement a payment system designed to address potential fraud with which you guarantee the security of your users.

7. Protecting intellectual property of your Web

Logs brand and all elements whose intellectual property is yours.


8. Respect DMCA Policy

It should be the follower of all the online laws like DMCA and respect others trademark and privacy.

9. Organize your finances

This is not a legal requirement but recommended to prevent future problems. If you organize your finances properly and take a day, it will be easier to identify any abnormality.

10. Beware invoices

Invoices you make must be added the cost of VAT and income tax deductions. Also, each of the fields have to be properly broken down and differentiated to be legal.

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