7 YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools To Go Viral On YouTube

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7 YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools To Go Viral On YouTube

07/01/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Youtube keyword tool, keyword research

This article will help you to find suitable keywords for YouTube videos and help you to beat up your competitors and viral YouTube videos fast. The main and traditional keywords tool was Adwords keyword tool which is replaced by keyword planner now.

                                                    7 YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools To Get Your YouTube Video Viral

Creating good videos on YouTube can be very helpful to promote your business fast and it refers users to your website and as a result, you conversions will be increased automatically. After video creation, the next step is to pass your videos to your targeted audience. Now, it’s time to find the relevant and accurate keywords for your advertising campaign for videos and there is a number of keyword tools come in.

The YouTube keyword tool stopped working in September 2014 due to change in Google policies. Another, Google Adwords display planner is still available and you can use it for your YouTube video and advertising campaign. Here, me going to explain how to use all available keyword tools for video which can be used for advertising and rank purpose.


7 Best YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative of 2016

I have created a list of 7 high-value reliable and fast keyword research tools for YouTube video promotion. You can say these tools "YouTube keyword suggestion tool" or "YouTube Keyword alternative tool" which can help you to get the profitable keyword with low competition and higher CPC to get your video viral on YouTube. Let's start from Google AdWord Keyword tool.


1. Google Adword Keyword / display planner for Youtube

Google suggests to use the display planner in AdWords and it also can be used for YouTube keywords selection. It also helps you to target peoples in various regions. To start your search login to your google Adwords account using Gmail id and choose AdWords to account > Tools > Display Planner as shown in below snapshot.

                                              Adword Display planner Tool

Next step is going to the “Get ideas tab” shown in below snapshot and enter the information about your customer interest I mean keywords, landing page, your campaign targeted area, language and CPC bidding. Mean thing is to choose your target audience. If your want to promote a video in united states so, you must need to give preference to user’s interest along with CPC and targeted language e.g. English. This is including categories, keywords, and website related to your business.

                                                          Google Adword Display Planner

Here you have to collect profitable and low competition keywords with valuable CPC with your targeted audience for the placement for your video ads, but this is a standard solution which every marketer does. A little problem inside this idea because this was invented for paid video promotion and ads. So, here suggested keywords are not related to your topic as you expected.

                                                                   Display Planner Custom Search

This idea refers me for alternative keywords tool for YouTube videos, which can generate more accurate keyword like long tail keywords idea which will be more strictly relevant to your idea or topic.


2. Use Google Trends For YouTube Keyword Research

Google Trends is a bright way to get ideas about hot trends and it gives your accurate information about current running trends.  If you are looking for the info about YouTube keyword research here you can find most popular queries with location and also time range on Google trends. This is one of the tremendous tool for searching about Video trends and it developed to provide YouTube search data.

                                                           Google Trends Hot Youtube videos keyword ideas

You just select few terms into Google trends and hit enter and this action will provide YouTube search data in front of you within few seconds.

                                                              Google trends to get viral on youtube

Using Google trends you can choose the location, time range (year), category (SEO, web design, cricket etc.) search type (Google, the web, news, images, YouTube Video etc.) and you can also compare it with another search term (by locations and time range).

                                                               YouTUBE keyword using google trends compare search


3. YouTube autocomplete feature or search box suggestions

YouTube search drop menu give you top search suggestion possibilities while you are using YouTube search box. As you type something in the search box a list of suggestion appears and you can choose one of your favorite search query from the list or type by yourself.  

                                                           YouTube Automatic Function for search suggestions

Create a list of relevant phrases which are related to your videos and add them to research strategy.


4. Use YouTube Trends To YouTube Keyword Ideas

This a most powerful tool to find out the latest top trending viral videos and topics of all the time. You can get ideas related to your topic from here.


The Trends Dashboard by YouTube also allows you to review and compare the most viewed viral videos by location and time. This is basically YouTube channel and author of this channel share the latest and top trending YouTube videos. You can get an idea about the top trending videos, another YouTube trends blog with top trending latest videos. You can get the fresh idea about video creation and monetization on this blog.


What is the best YouTube Keyword Tool Alternatives Of 2016 to use?

5. Keyword Tool Pro is a very useful online keyword software and alternative for YouTube Keyword Suggestion. You need to enter your seed keyword, choose target country, language and hit the search button. This provides you a list of profitable keywords with their competition, search volume and CPC for you targeted country.

                                                  YouTube Keyword Tool from smallseotoolz

The free version is limited and you will be given limited access and you will find keywords suggestion but not search volume and CPC until you subscribe to Pro. After subscription, you will be given access and you can search unlimited keywords with their searches, CPC for your targeted countries. 


6. SEMrush

A worldwide well-known keyword extraction tool with flexible functionality known as Semrush and it can be used as an extra source for finding long tail keywords for your business (YouTube Channel). Its PPC reports and Organic option helps a lot in collecting semantics for YouTube videos promotion.

                                                   SemRush Keyword Suggestion tool from smallseotoolz

You just need to enter the seed phrase in Semrush dashboard; it will provide you best keyword ideas with their CPC, competition, search volume and organic competitors. This cool feature force me to use Semrush as extra keyword suggestion tool for YouTube.


The main key features of this tool are data it provides including CPC, search volume, and their SERP source.  It also provides the Google advertising search info which can be more useful for you. This shows you the websites who buying advertising from Google with their targeted keywords.

                                                                               Semrush ADS Copies from small seo tools

You can access more long tail keywords of Google advertising customers by opening ads in a new tab and this will refer you to a web page which Google is promoting for their customers and here you can find other useful long tail keyword ideas. This offers a great keyword suggestions source that will assist you to create more long-tail beneficial terms.


7.Keyword Spy

It is world’s most popular website and reliable for advertising suggestion and keywords suggestion. You can check all of your website organic keywords using this keyword tool. You can analyze your website and your competitor’s website and find the valuable advertising keywords. It also shows all the previous advertised keywords and ads copies without any fees. It has some limitation for the unregistered and free users. You can upgrade to get full access to any website and their competitors.

                                    Keyword Spy Keyword Suggestion tool from small seo toolz

Using keyword spy tool you can check any website organic keywords, their search volume with CPC and you can search all of this in any custom location I mean in Europe, Asia etc. You have to enter your website URL, select your favorite country from the drop down menu and select and option keywords, domain, ad copies or distension URL. I will provide you all info about your website e.g. average CPC, PPC ads and much more. Keyword Spy offering a lifetime free trial you can access this trial just by simple sign up process. You can check keywords related to your video for the specific location you can create a list of favorite keywords for YouTube video promotion


In conclusion, when you need the service of the best YouTube keyword tool, I recommend utilizing a combination of all of the above-mentioned options. Also, do not forget to add SEMrush to your arsenal, because its usual keyword spy works effectively for every channel. Feel free to share your keyword extraction experience with YouTube and add your ideas as a comment below.

Final Thoughts: If you require best keyword tool for YouTube you can try any of above mentioned, my recommendations is that use all of the mentioned tools and this will be more beneficial for creating the strong campaign. Feel free to share you keyword research experience on YouTube and share your idea in the comment box.

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