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About Broken Links Finder

Websites Broken Link Finder Tool

Once you click on a website link that is believed to take you somewhere, though instead it displays a 404 error message or takes you somewhere else, this is called a broken link.

Broken links are unfriendly for users of your website and can hurt your repute. It makes sense that having a number of broken links of a website is generally referred as “link rot” as it is as pleasing as that sound of the phrase. Use our broken links finding tool to rapidly find any broken links so you can resolve any flaws instantly. It is as simple as entering URL of your website and clicking enter.

About Broken Links Finder Offered By Small SEO Toolz

Welcome to Small SEO Toolz Broken Links Finder. Once you hit on a link and it shows an error page 404, it is a broken link. These links are extremely annoying for the end users of your website and can leave unfavorable effects on your reputation.

The most frequent causes for a broken link involve:

  • The targeted webpage permalink was modified.
  • The destination webpage is unavailable.
  • The targeted webpage has been deleted.
  • Put wrong URL by webmasters.
  • The associated webpage destination is removed.
  • The destination website does not exist.
  • The targeted website blocked by the user software or behind a firewall.

Small SEO Toolz has developed this dead link checker  Tool which will hurriedly find all broken links of a website and will also display webpage URLs which is which is showing an error message 404. The all you need to do is to enter URL of your website and hit on “Submit” button. Our highly sophisticated tool will crawl for all webpages and will precisely show the results in the form of a chart, displaying you both the status of every webpage along with status code.

Our Broken Links Checker crawls each and every page of your website and displays the report in a well-designed chart. It requires no payment, no software maintenance and no download.

There possibly hundreds or even thousands of pages on your website and handling these pages and ensuring top quality for each can be a devastating practice. As marketing groups persist in employing resources into new digital channels, the need for a free link checker that can support you in your online business is expanding.

A few individuals believe that they only require CMS and quality content to launch their website. But bear in mind that your CMS is only a tool that allows you to develop new website content. Your CMS does not have the obligation of finding broken links on your site. Thus you need a tool which can assist you in this task and that special tool is “Broken Links Finder” developed by Small SEO Toolz.

Broken links not only adversely impact the user experience though in a few cases, it can also impact your website’s SEO and effect website search position as well.

If your users experience broken links, then it is obvious that these users will straightaway leave your website which indicates high bounce rate; visitors will not share your content and will not visit your website again. As this user involvement diminishes, search engines recognize that your website is not providing quality information and your rankings will drop.

Checking broken links on your website generally requires several hours and human effort as you need to explore hundreds of web pages, to locate and modify broken links. Even it is difficult for a human, to find broken links  on a website. So all you require is Broken Link Finding Tool which crawl your website and display webpages with 404 errors message or broken links within only a few seconds.

Our team of experts has developed Broken Links Finder, which will make your life convenient than before. It will hurriedly find for all the broken links and saves you hours of time wasted manually in locating broken or dead links, hence giving you more time to involve in other SEO activities.

Impact of Broken Links on Website Visitors

  • Visitors will lose attention if they come across a broken link.
  • Visitors will spend less time on website as they are not getting any valuable information.

Broken Link Building

It is a white hat search engine optimization (SEO) practice. In this practice, you locate for broken links on your websites and report the concerned webmasters to fix or replace the links with your pertinent link. These links are highly influential to boost ranking of your website.

How To Do Broken Link Building

  • The keywords must be related to niche of your website.
  • Test each website URL with our highly sophisticated link finding tool or use free crawler to look for broken links from those web URLs and save them.
  • Filter out the closing set of webpages displaying 404 errors and evaluate which are relevant targets to your website niche.
  • Now you will have an index of solid prospects to reach.
  • Go to and discover how many referring domains are there in contrast to a broken link.
  • If a broken link has more than 10 quality referring domains indicating, bear it in mind.
  • Go to internet archive and discover on which topic the broken link was.
  • Write a relevant yet quality article and publish to your website.
  • Now in turn pitch the websites where the dead link is. Notify them the link is dead and you have composed the same article and ask them to swap that link with your link.

Usage Guidelines For Broken Links Finder Offered By Small SEO Toolz:

Mentioned below are a few steps to use for Broken Links Finder:

  • Enter your website URL in the empty text box. Always enter for right URL. If a website URL starts with “www”, enter URL like ““. If a URL starts without “www”, enter URL like ““, otherwise, you might get incorrect results.
  • Click on “Submit button” and wait for results. When the whole process is completed, results will be displayed in the form of a table.
  • Click “Export” to download results in the form of an excel sheet in case you want to save results on your system.

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