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SEOs use Class C IP checker

Yes, class C IP checker is important for Search Engine Optimization. Every device connected on the internet has an IP address. It is this address (which is like your home address) which allows machines to send mail, messages, files, etc to other machines on the internet. In the internet world this address is known as an IP address. Each IP address is unique and that’s how one computer knows the address of the one it’s communicating with.

Search engines use the IP (Internet Protocol) address to locate the site from where a website is being hosted. C class IP addresses are assigned to be used by small companies. Websites with C class IP addresses are believed to get a better ranking by search engines.

IP Addresses

Because of binary restrictions IP addresses are limited to unique ranges. An IP address can range from to IP address consists of four sets of numbers and the number in each set Ranges from 0 to 255. Each set is divided by a ‘.’

To assign IP addresses certain rules have been developed and there are five classes of IP addresses. Each set of numbers in the IP address consists of one byte and each byte can have a maximum value of 255. Each IP address consists of four bytes.

The ranges have been alphabetically assigned into classes.

  • Class A IP address – Ranges from 0 to 127 in the first byte
  • Class B IP address – Ranges from 128 to 191 in the first byte
  • Class C IP address – Ranges from 192 to 223 in the first byte
  • Class D IP Address – Ranges from 224 to 239 in the first byte
  • Class E IP Address – Ranges from 240 to 255 in the first byte.

Class A IP addresses are assigned to very large companies like Microsoft, Google, etc.

Class B IP addresses are assigned to medium sized companies.

Class C IP addresses are assigned to small companies.

Class D IP addresses are reserved for multicast addressing

Class E addresses are reserved for scientific studies.

Both class D and E addresses are not available for public usage.

Are Class C Addresses Preferred by SEOs?

Most of the hosting service providers are assigned class C IP addresses. They in turn assign unique or dynamic addresses to their customers. Most of the public sector customers prefer to use dynamic addresses. The reason for this is that they are cheaper than static addresses. For example, if you have two or more websites, you can have them hosted on a single hosting service. Which means you are not paying for hosting two domains, instead you are paying for one. However both your websites will be available when a visitor wants to visit them. The dynamic addressing is handled by the web hosting service providers systems.

Since the bulk of websites exist in the C class IP addresses, the search engines can process the backlinks to a site much faster and can check the quality and status of the link. The fight for better ranking on search engines takes place among websites that have C Class IP addresses.

Knowing that the bulk of websites have C class IP addresses Google and other search engines visit them more often and check websites, their current status and their backlinks. Backlinks within the same hosting server having C class IP address might be viewed with suspicion by search engines, especially if some of the sites are spam sites.

At times hosting services can assign the same IP address to two entirely different domains. In this case should you run the cache command to check the last status of your website that Google has stored you might be shocked to see another website’s image cached on your domain name.

A lot of debate surrounds class C IP addresses as the bulk of public web server hosts are assigned addresses from this class. Some large organizations have got C class IP addresses to better their ranking on search engines. But do Google and other search engines give better ranking to sites having this class of address is debatable. SEOs and webmasters prefer to assign backlinks to sites in this IP class to try and fool search engines in to thinking that these sites have more authority and relevance.

But Google and search engines are getting smarter every day and they examine the links and rate each link separately. IP addresses of backlinks that don’t appear to be natural stand a chance of getting penalized.

Using Class C IP checker

After you have purchased a web hosting service you can run a class C IP checker to see what class of IP address has been assigned to your site. Go to and click on ‘Browse More Tools’. Scroll down the icons till you spot ‘Class C IP Checker’ icon and click on it. You can enter one or multiple domain names on it. The system will display the host name, IP address, and Class C.

Now you know if your website has been assigned a Class C address or not. In case its address shows a different class you can ask your hosting service provider to assign a C class IP address to the site.

You can enter up to 40 domain names to check their IP addresses class. So you can enter the domain names of all your external backlinks and see if they have C class addresses.

You can check class C IP ranges to gain a better understanding of this class of IP addresses. Or you can download IP classes chart and use it as a reference and to learn about the different IP address classes.

You should not get too concerned if your website does not have a class C IP address. Google and other search engines study all websites on the internet regardless of which class they reside in. They use their

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