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Why do you need to convert domain into IP? There could be several reasons for this; you want to know what your website’s IP address is; you want to know where a website is being hosted from; you want to know who the web hosting service provider is. You know the domain name and you have purchased the web hosting service from a local seller, but they may just be a reseller for a hosting service that may be located in the same country, or they might even be on another continent.

Any device that is connected to the internet is assigned an IP address. The IP address is the unique identifier of that device on the internet. This is the address that one device will use to connect to another device and communicate with it.

IP Address

Today there are millions of devices using the internet at all times of the day and night. There are computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, navigation systems and so many other users of the internet. To distinguish these devices by names or product codes or serial numbers would be impossible and chaotic. That’s why the clever system of IP addresses was invented.

An IP address consists of a four number system which is subdivided into four sets of three numbers and a ‘.’. The last set is not followed by a ‘.’. Let’s assume that when you do a domain into IP search it returns this would be a valid IP address. The numbers are coded and assigned to follow a certain pattern. An IP address like a telephone number has a certain fixed coding system. In a telephone number system the first 3 numbers are the country code, the next three numbers are the area code and the last seven or eight digits are the user’s actual phone number.

Similarly IP addresses are assigned following a fixed coding system and they tell search engines the IP address of a domain. IP addresses are also assigned to routers, mobile phones and other devices once they connect to the internet.

You can find the IP address of the computer or laptop that you are using through the ‘tracert’ command.

Why do you need to trace Domain to IP?

There are several reasons for you wanting to find the IP address of a domain. You are the webmaster or the owner of a website and you have purchased the domain hosting service from a vendor on the internet. Now that your website is up and running you want to know where the site is being hosted from. Don’t be too surprised if you discover that your website is being hosted from a web hosting service provider in the United States.

Another reason could be that you are having problems with your website or your site visitors have been complaining that your site is taking too long to load or is giving a 404 Not Found Error. You will run your own check of your website and then get in touch with the service provider.

A third reason could be that your main competitor’s service is faster than yours and you are losing your customers. You would want to know the IP address of your competitor, as from that with a little more investigation you can find out who the competitor’s web hosting service provider is. You can then decide if you want to continue with your current service provider or switch to a better provider.

The reason for most of the web hosting service providers being located in the United States is that the internet rates are the cheapest. Plus they are an established industry and the service will always be up and running. They are not dependent on a single fiber optic line and have multiple lines. That’s why most of the developing countries have either direct or indirect resellers that sell the services in the countries that they do business in.

Domain into IP

If you want to trace domain into IP you can go to and click on ‘More SEO Tools’. Scroll down the listed icons till you come to the ‘Domain into IP’ icon and click on it. enter the domain name and in an instant it will display:

  • Domain name
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • ISP

The country will display the name of the country where the domain is being hosted and ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

So now you know the IP address of the domain and other relevant information of the website.

Other options

If you are an SEO, you might want to try other options like:

  • UNIX command to find ip address from hostname
  • Linux command to find IP
  • Find IP address of website mac

You would choose to use one of these options if you are using one of these operating systems on your device.


With an IP address you can go a step further. You can find out who is the registered owner of a website. His or her postal address, email address and contact number. Let’s say you want to invest in a domain or a domain has come up for sale that you want to purchase. By tracing the owner of the IP means tracing the owner of a domain. Now you can directly contact the domain owner.

Without the IP address of the domain it would be virtually impossible and time consuming effort to trace a website owner.

You might also want to trace an IP in case you are getting malware from a domain and you want to block the IP address. Once you have the IP address you can ask your internet service provider to block any file coming from this IP address.

Tracing an IP address of a domain can be used for many purposes and is a handy tool to have available in your tool box. Bookmark so that you can easily use all the handy SEO tools to help in managing websites.

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