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About Grammar Checker Pro

You have surely came across the basic grammar rules taught in school and later on realized that those lessons learned in the past have slipped from your fingers. How to check a sentence is correct or wrong may sound simple however, grammatical blunders are unavoidable when writing down your thoughts spontaneously and most especially when you are in a hurry even if you turn on the spell check in word. There can be times too when you miss some items. You can even find simple posts from people who seem to miss the distinction between your and you’re, its and it’s, there and their, confused as to which preposition to use, or forget the rules on commas and apostrophes. Add to that the proper use of verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns. Do you have a complex and compound sentence punctuation checker? For one who is not very keen in grammar rules, this can be frustrating. But mind you, even writing professionals commit these mistakes too. That is why proofreading your work is very important. While you can hire a professional plagiarism and grammar checker, find a grammar check app, or perhaps purchase a grammar check software, these may cost you a lot of money. Hence, a free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector or in other words, a complete sentence checker is what you need.


12 Basic Rules of Grammar

Just to give you a simple grammar recall, here is a quick list on the basic rules every best grammar checker has mastered. Read along first without checking your free online grammar checker:

1) Subject-verb-object.  The verb should follow the subject and should there be an object, it follows the former. An example would be: Genevie kissed the kitten.

2) Use conjunctions to connect ideas. An example would be: Genevie befriended the kitten and she brought it home with her.

3) Join ideas with a comma. Take this example: Genevie fed the kitten, and I sat in the corner.

4) Separate list of items using a comma. Take this example: Genevie rushed to the pet store to buy food, replacer milk, feeding bottle, bed, and toys for the kitten.

5) Two sentences that are closely connected can be joined by a semi-colon. Here’s an example: Genevie’s kitten is hungry; it won’t stop crying.

6) Things you do daily or oftener should be in the present tense. Take a look at this: Genevie takes her kitten to the vet regularly.

7) Events occurring at the very moment should be in the present progressive tense. For example: Genevie is playing with her energetic kitten.

8) Regular verbs follow the -ed rule when presented in its past tense. Check this example: Genevie played with her energetic kitten.

9) If the event has already occurred yet unfinished, the verb to be used should be in it’s present perfect. Here’s an example: Genevie’s energetic kitten has dropped the plastic vase five times so far.

10) The present perfect progressive form of the verb should be used when both the time and action are unfinished. Take this example: Genevie have been playing with her energetic kitten all day.

11) If there are two past actions, the past perfect tense of the verb should be used for the first. Check this example: Genevie could not pay for the pet supplies she got because she had left her purse.

12) Take note on the use of apostrophes. One indicates possession (Genevie’s kitten) while the other is contradiction (don’t).


About Grammar Checker Pro

Going through your whole document and proofreading it line by line can take you a lot of time; that is why, using a tool that offers free grammar and punctuation check will cut your task and burden in half. Smallseotoolz know exactly how tedious the task of professional checkers is and how expensive it is to hire one to do the job for you. Thus, it came up with this free professional grammar checker, which is by far the best spell check grammar tool. From basic free spell check to punctuation check that some websites could hardly detect to sentence grammar check, this really works as a professional grammar check website.


How to Use Grammar Checker Pro

Spelling and grammar check is so easy using this free spell checker. Simply copy and paste the text that you want to be checked on the box provided. Choose the language used in the text (English, American for example) then click on the ‘Check Grammar’ button. You will notice that the potential errors are being highlighted. Click on the highlighted words or lines for you to see the explanation why such is detected as an error. You will also see the suggested word or lines. Aside from that, you have the option to ignore the suggestion or see examples. If the text you want to scan for errors is quite long, you may opt to attach it. Be sure that your document is saved in .doc, .docx, or .txt format.


Why Use Grammar Checker Pro?

You can grammar check online free no download is required. More than just a free punctuation comma checker and corrector, this free grammar and proofreading checker is a tool that you will need in your day-to-day life especially when you are a student, or for one who is looking at publishing articles to market his/her products or services, or a professional preparing his/her office correspondence and reports. For students, your teachers and professors would grade your output based on its overall content and one of those criteria is grammar. In your assignments, when you are having problems each time you correct the sentence with answers, then a grammar and punctuation checker free online is what you need. When applying for admission to a desired university, your personal statement is very important. It is one ticket to enter the gates. Much more, job seekers have to impress the hiring officer while reading their application letters.

Here are other reasons why you should grammar check sentences and run on sentence detector:

1) Effective communication rests on having a clearly written, error-free text. As your writings express your ideas, it is best that you are able to transfer to the recipient whatever that you intend to; otherwise, you will not be able to achieve what you want – it won’t translate to sales, you won’t get the job, will give you a bad impression, will result to misunderstanding, and worse, give you a poor mark if you are a student. A simple task to spellcheck one word or two every now and then will not hurt you at all.

2) Well-written and presented works can give you a good impression. Be ready to get a heads up once you get your client’s trust.

3) Display your authority with a flawless report. This will show that you know very well what you are talking about or what you are trying to present. In short, it shows mastery and familiarity.

Given all these facts, this free online grammar and sentence structure checker will always come in handy.

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