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About GEO IP Locator

About GEO IP Location Tracking Tool Offered By Small SEO Tools

You can easily extract information about the state and country they are in by using IP address of an internet user. The practice of combining a geographical location with an IP address is commonly known as GEO IP location.

1.    Copy and paste IP address you want to check in the blank box.

2.    Click on the “Submit” button to discover the location of IP address.

3.     GEO IP location tracking tool will provide you valuable information, comprising of coordinates of the location that you can search on the map. The all you need to do is to zoom in the map to view the estimated location.

Why You Should Use GEO IP Location Tracking Tool

There are a number of circumstances in which you may need to identify the GEO location of an IP address. For instance, if you are managing a social media or eCommerce website, or you are providing an online service, you might need to know where your clients are from to exhibit different languages on the website or fill the country code on forms.

Besides this, GEO IP Location Tracking Tool can be used to fight spammers and hackers by hurriedly finding the source of the problem. Finally, this geolocation social media monitoring tool can be used to GEO locate IP address and hence minimizing fraud. 

Why We Developed This Tool?

We developed this free, non-intrusive IP location tracking tool to make it easy for you to gather necessary information regarding geographical location of a visitor such as a latitude/longitude, ISP, time zone, city, region, country.

Advantages of Using Our GEO IP Location Tracking Tool

Perhaps the most useful advantage of IP location is the likelihood to provide a location-based service. Through gathering information regarding a user’s location, companies can create highly targeted marketing plans that will appeal customers. Mentioned below are a few other advantages of IP address finding a location:

Enforce territory rights and digital content: This tool can also be used to implement distribution rights.

Prevent cheque and credit card fraud: Enable GEO location to link the location of a purchaser’s IP address to that to their shipping address and credit card. If there is a discrepancy between these two, you can explore it manually to minimize the risk of fraud.

Checkout optimization Plus tax/shipping estimators: GEO location data can be used to fill checkout fields, for example, city, state, country etc. Our superlative GEO IP location tracking tool can also be utilized to automatically provide information with respect to shipping costs or prices.

Develop your multi-channel marketing plan: If you are sponsoring your venture on multiple channels, for example, text marketing, location-based social media search etc., you can also make use of GEO IP location tracker to serve your clients in a better way.

Boost up customer experience: Information regarding the user’s location or Internet connection enables you to boost your website. An IP address tracker will make it very easy for you to track important data about your visitors. For instance, users connected to a mobile gateway can easily be diverted to the mobile version of your website, whereas slower connections can be diverted to access low-resolution graphics rather than flash banners.

How Does Our GEO IP Location Tracker Work?

It represents the procedure of tracking a user’s location or place, on a map via utilizing information from IP address for desktop devices or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for smart-phone users. GEO IP location tracker works in the same way as GPS systems. At the present time, a number of small businesses are concerned about lookup the IP address location data in order to perk up their marketing efforts.

How Accurate Our GEO IP Location Tracking Tool?

The accuracy of our echosec free tool solely depends on the kind of database used. Generally, IP-to-country data has 98-99% accuracy rate, whereas accuracy rate of IP-to-region data varies between 50-70%.

All about GEO IP Location Tracker Available On Small SEO Tools

By our highly sophisticated IP Locator, you can commonly get a clear-cut idea of where someone is interacting with you via the Internet, if you feel you should do that. You can get quite close to discovering their location, but not as close as you believe.

You can also get a clear-cut indication of where someone is emailing you by using our tool. And that, for the utmost part, must be good enough. Our GEO IP location tracker will not provide you anyone's name and address, but it is not thought to. That would be a defilement of their privacy and a bit too creepy.

Whenever you came to our GEO IP tracker, you notice that your IP address is expediently displayed on the home page. And you also noticed, might be surprising, that other necessary information is also displayed, for example, your Region, City, Country, Longitude/latitude and ZIP code.

Great! Where did that information come from? It came from GEO IP location service employed to search IP address of where you were when you explored our website. The address you saw could be the IP address of your home computer or the one at the airport or local coffee shop. This all depends upon where you are.

Perhaps that confuses you a bit. Though, you can also delve into this as an approach to be informed on the power of Internet and the tools you can employ to keep safe.

In spite of everything, your name, nickname, favorite color or street address were not displayed. Likelihoods are, your location was, at best, some six or seven miles away from home.

In accordance to companies report on these aspects:

The rate of accuracy on naming the city from IP address varies from 50%-80%.

Determining the country of an Internet user is 95% to 99% percent accurate, for reasons that need to do with how IP addresses are registered and allocated.

Determining the physical location of the internet user, down to a city or ZIP code, is less accurate and trickier.

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