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About Link Analyzer Tool

Free Link Analyzer Tool is offered by Small SEO tools to analyze your website links by search engine spiders. The tool can detect the links at the time of crawling on a page of your website. Simple you need to enter the URL of your website to analyze and hit submit. 

The results will display in front of you in a table including all inbound/outbound as well as the linked anchor text. Also shows the hyperlinked images on the page with
alt attribute of that image will display as the anchor text.


Our Free Link Analyzer Tool checks:

  •          The Total links found on your page.

  •          The Internal links in numbers.

  •          External links external links in numbers.

  •          Number of no follow and do follow links.


About Number of links: in 2008, Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Webspam team) recommended the limitation, maximum 100 links per/page is allowed.

 In 2013, Matt Cutts explained that the having more than 100 links per page is not an issue, but this limitation is dropped from Google Webmaster course of action.

Duplicate links: Try to bound the number of duplicate links. If you get a lot of duplicate links (>50%) then, you’re not spreading your link strength effectively.

A link analyzer is an essential tool that helps you to keep a follow the links embedded in your website or blog. This tool helps to analyze both internal and external link linked to your website. A link analyzer is a tool that creates a bit so that it becomes easier to remove some dead links or links showing 404 errors to get better the quality and page rank of your website. This is One of the most competent tool features of today.


Why link analyzer tool is important?

The link analyzer tool is brilliant tool offered by Small SEO tools which can help you to find information about both inbound and outbound link related to your website is SEO Link Analyzer. An important feature of link analysis is to compare the number of inbound links with your competing websites. The impact of Search Engine rankings is very high and it is measured as a critical parameter in online business and the exchange rate of visitors to any website. Your website ranking will go higher if you will be able to continue up with your competing websites. You should try to get links that your competing websites don’t have. One thing is crucial that never rely on any link building or SEO software and scripts to ensure link building success.


How Link Analyzer Works?

The link analyzer tools analyze internal and external do follow and no follow a link of your website and shows the accurate result after analyzing the web page. A table of internal and external links of your website is presented in front of you by the link analyzer. The data table that consists of columns, one is for links and other is for the following perception is returned by link analyzer. If your website has some hidden links or spam links, then you can use the link analyzer tool can detect hidden links and spam links. It also shows you the website sending you website traffic or backlinks. You can use this tool to focus on your important web pages, then reform your link structure and improve the ranking of your website.

The website Search Engine Rankings is affected by both the quantity and the quality of incoming links In SEO. It is necessary for you to evaluate the competition, optimize your website and boost your traffic by analyzing the link building technique of your competitors. In order to provide you better and a perfect backlink analysis reports, this tool has been updated for this purpose.


Correct way to use the link analyzer tool

Link analyzing is one of the most essential and important steps of an SEO strategy. You need to be sure about the total number of links that are pointed to your website. Correct study of incoming, as well as outgoing links, can help you pick in incredible benefits. A lots backlink analyzer tools are numerous link analyzing tools that are offered across the internet, but the best deal is to use the tool which is capable of distributing correct and related results. The best part about the link analyzer tool presented by Small SEO Tools is that you don’t have to download anything. You just need to enter the website URL and hit the enter button. All details are presented in front of you within few seconds.

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