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About Meta Tag Generator

What Are Meta Tags?

Vital to search engine optimization, meta tags are those short texts that describe the data on your page but these are not made visible on the page itself as these are contained in the page’s code or html tags. Meta is the shortened term for metadata which simply refers to that data which these tags are all about and those found on your page. These meta description html provides information about your web page or site to search engines which in turn index these meta tags for search results.   

What Are the Types of Meta Tags?

Among the numerous types of meta tags, there are the six that you should take note of. These are likely to increase traffic to your page and are therefore significant in web marketing as they provide your information to Google. Here are the six common types of meta tags:

1) Title Tag. Found at the top of your browser, this is the slot where you enter the title of your page and ranks first in the level of importance among meta tags because of its significant impact on search engine rankings. Giving your page a primary title does not only make it easier and convenient for the user to go from one tab to another but also simplifies and clarifies information for search engine optimization purposes. Note that your title should not exceed 70 characters.

2) Meta Keywords Attribute. This is a list consisting of keywords or keyword phrases that are related to your web page’s subject and are arranged according to their degree of importance. These keywords and key phrases are separated from each other by commas. Be sure to limit the length of the entire meta keywords list at below 255 characters.

3) Meta Description Attribute. What is meta description? This refers to the short description of your web page which will then appear when one searches through search engines. Meta descriptions are important as these tell exactly both search engines and searchers as what your page is all about. Here’s how to find a website description example. Try to type ‘meta description keywords’ on the search engine. There you will see right below the title a short description of the page. But as to how long meta description should be, you need to remember that in writing a good meta description for your page, be sure to limit it to 150 characters or about two to three sentences. Note however that not all the time those description tags would show up especially on Google as it chooses snippets found on the page but a good meta description – those that contain the keywords that searchers are looking for – could induce them to click through the SERP to your site.

4) Meta Robots Attribute. Simply called robots, these command search engine crawlers or spiders as to what to do with your page once they visit your site and read the pages along with other information contained therein to index your page. Tasks vary between ‘index’ and ‘noindex’ and between ‘follow’ and ‘nofollow’. ‘Index’ connotes that the search engine should index the page and show it on the results page of the search engine while ‘noindex’ is its opposite. By ‘follow’, it is meant that bots should follow and trust all the other links to your other pages while its opposite is ‘nofollow’. By practice, you should opt ‘index’ and ‘follow’ so that crawlers would index not just your page but the entire website.          

5) Language Attribute. This allows you to choose the language which you will be using for your page which will lead you to the best meta tags to use. This is also significant for purposes of spelling and grammar.  

6) Copyright. This is where you provide all your copyright details. From the meta tags examples, you may skip this part.

Using SmallSeoToolz Free Meta Tag Generator

Now that you are aware of the most important types of meta tags, know how to write meta description, and have searched for yourself sample meta description, you probably recognized the need to have a good seo meta tags generator that incorporates in it a meta title checker, meta description checker, and a meta description counter all at the same time, then Smallseotoolz meta tag generator is what you need. You don’t need a free meta tag generator download or a meta tag generator software installed on your computer anymore as you can use it directly on the site.

Take control how of search engines would present your page on their results by having the best and most meta description tool or meta description generator by far. This will help you in properly constructing seo meta description and page titles.

This instant meta keywords generator also works as a meta title and description checker so that all those generated works for all search engines.

How to Use SmallSeoToolz Meta Tag Generator

SmallSeoToolz Meta Tag Generator gives you the right meta description character count as it includes a meta description length checker as well as that for the title length. All you have to do is fill the details required on the boxes provided. First, type in the desired title for your site below the ‘Site Title’. Be sure to keep it with the 70-character limit. Next, fill in the 150-character description on the ‘Site Description’ box. The third box which indicates ‘Site Keywords’ is where you type in your meta keywords and those must be separated with commas. Then, notice the box which asks ‘Allow robots to index your website?’ Choose between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Likewise, another box asks you whether to ‘Allow robots to follow all links?’ or not. Decide whether it’s a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. After that, determine ‘What type of content will your site display?’ You can choose among these options: UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1, and WINDOWS 1252. Lastly, be sure to set ‘What is your site primary language?’ either to English or whatever language you prefer. Optional Meta Tags are also included. You can set as to how many days after search engines should revisit your page. Then, include the author’s details if you want. Once you have all these filled, click on ‘Generate Meta Tags’ button. Follow these steps and have a well-optimized page as you use this free meta tag generator.

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