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About Mobile Friendly Website Checker

Mobile responsive website checker is the recent creation of SmallSEOToolz. Using Small SEO Tools Mobile friendly website checker you can easily analyze your website’s score on mobile responsiveness base. It’s most powerful tool as like Google mobile-friendly test and it also calculates the score same as Google tool. You just need to enter your website URL in the insertion box and hit submit to use this tool. It will crawl your site and generate a report about test within few seconds and display the result on your system screen with actual website look on android with score and screenshot of the web page.

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In last few years, Google penalized a large number of  web pages having bad user experience for the mobile phones or android platform. Later on, Google confirmed that it gives preference to the responsive site and considered as a ranking signal. Now, in this age huge numbers of users and using mobile for internet surfing and increasing day by day, you have to make sure that your website is responsive (mobile-friendly) with rich users experience and this will increase you visitors as well as conversion.

SmallSEOTools website responsive checker tool tells you that your web page is mobile friendly or not. If your website providing good users experience then our tool will show the result “Awesome! Your site is mobile-friendly”. This tool will also show your website score and 90+ scores are highest ones.


If you are newbie webmaster or the old one you first step is to analyze your site that is it falls in responsiveness category or not. Nowadays, Google prefers and give the more importance to the web pages with fast loading time and responsive look for every platform like Windows, mobiles phones, tablet etc. By making your web pages responsive, it's not made only your users happy, you will see a change in your search engine position or ranking.

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Check your site responsive test using our mobiles friendly test tool. If you site has scored 80 + in figure then it's not bad. If it does not display well on the mobiles / android device than your visitors will dislike your website and will lose in visitors and another Google can take a strict action against you.


Why use Small SEO Tools mobile friendly website checker tool?

SmallSEOTools is a reliable and well-known choice for you with rich user’s experience. We offer only quality SEO tools to our website and all these tools are available here free of cost. You can analyze your website to analyze that your website is mobile responsive or not without any signup process or registration.


Is non-responsive website design affecting the SEO?

Yes, it is affecting the SEO because there are a large number of users are using mobile phones for web browsing. The only solution to catch all customers using android is to make your website design responsive which available for every platform. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website it will be the negative point for your site and also lose the mobile users want to access your web page.


How to make your website design mobile-friendly? (Few Tips)

  • The best way to make your web page responsive / mobile-friendly is to develop the mobile version of your website. For this purpose you can hire someone or if you have skills you can do it the easy way.
  • If you are not using custom based CMS or using WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS so you don’t need to worry about that because you can solve this issue just buy ordering free / paid plug-in which can create a fancy mobile-phone version of your site within few clicks.
  • All choose the responsive theme for your website, nowadays mostly themes are responsive and mobile-friendly but if you are using an ugly or old theme which doesn’t support android or phone version, then it’s time change it now.

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