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About Page Speed Checker

How page speed checker tool works?

Page speed test is one of the most important SEO tools which is used for making the website loading speed faster. First, it analyzes the page speed of the website and adjusts it for the system, so it makes the website loading timeless and shows you the warning about website loading time.

The tool “Page Speed Checker” checks the loading time of any web page from their resources. The website loading time plays very important in  Every user visiting the website wants the web page to load faster; if it doesn’t happen then he switches to another website. So, this tool plays a vital role in making the website user-friendly.


Why use SmallSEOTools Website speed checker tool?

The page speed test tool is proudly offered by “Small SEO Tools” is one of the most popular and commonly SEO tool which is used by many web owners to improve the loading time of their websites. To use this website or page loading time checker SEO Tool, you just need to enter the URL of your website and click on the submit button. The tool will scan and calculate the actual time which will be taken by your website to load all the resources.

This page speed test tool will provide a clear idea to the owners that how much time is taken by their domain to load all contents. If you are not satisfied with these results then you need to make some necessary changes in your website to improve the loading time. Public wants to browse the every website faster than a click if one website takes a long time than they prefer to visit another. A slow speed web page also loses the visitors and Google don't like it anymore.

In order to fulfill the user’s requirements, you must need to monitor your website loading speed error. Website loading speed is the very important aspect of SEO. Small SEO Tools Page loading time checker can also the check the homepage loading or a single page loading time. So, can try the both function at the same place.


Master SEO tips for improving website loading speed

After testing the website, the users get the all the details of taken time by the website resources to load. There are various ways to control your website loading speed. Here is some of the popular way to improve your website loading speed by reducing the HTTP requests, reducing the size downloadable objects such as images, cascading style sheets, java scripts etc.

Another, most useful SEO tips to improve loading speed is to avoid page redirects. These are the masterpieces of SEO tips to improve your site loading time. You can make all the modifications but first, you need to test your site speed if your website is too slow then you can customize your web pages objects according to above-given suggestions. Basically, a page speed analyzer test tool is used to check the speed of your website instantly and you can determine it only by testing online.


Is this necessary to use website page speed checker? 

Website speed checking is very necessary for SEO because it helps you to improve your SEO scores and visits. The site with fast loading speed receives more hits than a slow speed loading site. The main thing is that the search engines doesn’t like and prefer slow websites. So, you must need to use the page loading time checker or tester to check your website speed.

The Free web page Speed test tool which helps you to explore the loading time and speed of any web page, website loading time is very important from the SEO point of view. Google has indicated that better page speed site gets benefit than the slower ones. Web Page speed is also important to user experience as well. The WebPages with higher load time faces high Bounce rates and sometimes user close the page in the middle of page load.

Our free page Speed test tool allows you to discover what element in web pages is fast, slow, and big or its size as well. By using our free site speed checker tool, the webmaster, and the web developers can easily track the element and optimize the web pages effectively.

Page Size can also be one of the main reason to Increase the page load time, higher the page size higher the load time would be, you can test your web page using this free online page size checker tool. You can easily optimize the site using browser caching techniques like leverage browser caching; enable ET Tags and Expiry headers. These techniques will help you in search engine optimization.

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