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Using Website links count checker to monitor links

One of the main building blocks in optimizing a website is its external links. So it’s necessary to have an accurate website links count checker handy to check the number and quality of links that a site has. You should use this tool as it can save you from investing in purchasing ads to attract more visitors or purchasing links from a less than credible link builder who lurk the internet looking for buyers.

Having a large number of links does not translate into a website getting a top ranking by search engines. Quality links are what counts. Basically every website has internal and external links and both play an important role in website optimization.

All about Website Links

Basically every website to start off has internal links. These are those that link the web pages in a site. For example every site has a navigational menu. In the menu bar there are different options like; home, about us, contact, etc. the menu items depend upon the website’s functionality. When you land on a website you will land on its home page. When you click on a menu item it will open the relevant page. From that page you could open another page in the site. Or you can go back to the menu and select a different page to open.

These links that link one page to other pages in a website are called internal links.

External links are those links that a website has to other sites on the internet. For example, you have a mountain bike racing website and you link it to other similar sites and to sports news links that cover such events. Your site could also have links to race organizers, mountain bike sellers’ sites.

As you can see these are external links to your website and all the sites share the same interest; which is mountain bike racing. Now these external links will be examined by search engines and since the links are to valid and reputable sites they will reflect positively on ranking your website.

If your website has links to sites on dog training or facelifts, the search engines would view these links with suspicion and could penalize your site for having irrelevant links. This is why it’s so important to keep checking the links of your website to make sure you don’t have any irrelevant links. If you come across irrelevant links; delete them.

Do Follow Links

External links to a website can either be Do Follow or No Follow links. Google and other search engines check the Do Follow links of a website. This type of link allows both humans and search engine bots to follow the link and reach a website. If the website has ‘do follow’ links to credible, relevant and authority websites, Google and other search engines will use them in ranking a website.

Do follow links can be placed on a website by placing anchor text on a web page that creates a link to another website.

For example, a site with a news item of a new scientific invention might have a do follow link to the institute where the invention took place. Or a web page may have the name of a city which has a link to the city’s website. Wikipedia is a prime example of do follow links. When you open any page in it you will see the content dotted with blue colored text. This indicates that these are anchor texts and if you click on them they will open another site related to the anchor text.

Google and other search engines use the do follow links in calculating a website’s ranking.

No Follow Links

No follow links are placed on websites and they basically tell Google and other search engines to ignore them. Humans visiting the site can click on these links and the relevant page on another website will open. Webmasters create these links when they don’t want to pass on the relevance of the link to search engines. This means that some webmasters do not want to exchange links as they don’t want irrelevant websites linking to their website.

Broken Links

Over time a website may have broken links which the webmaster is unaware off. Links to other sites get broken for a number of reasons. Your website has links to another site which no longer exists. Or the other website to which your website had links has removed the pages that were linking to your site. Or they have renamed their files and the file your link is pointing to no longer exists.

Yes some heavily visited sites do update their sites and remove active pages and place them in archives. This means that the link is no longer active and working.

You should as a webmaster periodically check your sites external links. It would be very embarrassing if a site visitor contacts you and tells you that they are getting a 404 message on a link from your site. Or another site’s webmaster contacts you and informs you that they are getting a 404 message from your site. Therefore before you do any housekeeping on your website check your external links and ensure links to other relevant websites don’t get lost.

Using Website links count checker

Go to and click on the ‘browse more Tools’ button. Scroll down the icons till you see Website links count checker tool. Click on it and enter the domain name of the website. It will display:

  • Domain name
  • Total number of links
  • Internal links
  • External links

In essence you will get a Birdseye view of the links that the website has. It does not display each of the links nor does it display the status of the links. To examine the links further and to get their details you will have to use other SEO tools. Knowing how many internal and external links a website has will help in optimizing the site.

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