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What is my Browser

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What is my browser?

What is my browser? It is a very question asked by new and old users of the internet. Why do new users ask about the browser is that they have heard so much about Google that they want to know if that’s the browser they are using. Old timers of the internet recognize the icons of some of the popular search browsers like; Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox and if they are Mac users of Safari.

Any computer that you buy comes with a preinstalled search browser with the operating system. If the computer or tablet is a Windows based machine, it will have Internet Explorer preinstalled on it, and if it’s a Mac, it will have Safari.

On Microsoft, Windows-based machines the Internet Explorer browser is used to step into the internet world. Yes, that’s the one you use to install other browsers. If you have got a new computer and are ready to go on it; it’s advisable to save yourself from future disappointments by first installing a good strong, reliable and robust anti-virus.

Search Browsers

Which search browser to use is a matter of personal choices? Here we will discuss some of the popular browsers.


The most popular browser used worldwide today is Google. Its latest version is Chrome 59. 59 is the version number.

Google is cross-platform, extremely stable, easy to navigate and use and takes up the minimum screen space. You can easily get extensions for it to customize it and it has parental control. That’s why it’s so popular.

But Google has its downsides as well. It’s easily the most resource hungry browser, and your computer must have the resources for it to run smoothly.


Yes, Opera is sticking around although it’s not a very popular browser anymore. Only ten percent of search browser users use it. It has a turbo feature which packs internet data which makes it quite fast. There’s an inbuilt adblocker which the user can switch on or off.

Opera is a handy browser to use if you are stuck with a dial-up modem and the speed is slow. It also has a battery saving mode which is handy if you are using a laptop.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was a very favorite search browser, but it has slipped down the ranks. Its design hasn’t changed much although it’s updated on a six weekly basis.

Some users find Firefox to be a bit old fashioned and sluggish, but it’s not as resource hungry as Google Chrome. Firefox is a quality browser and does have its drawbacks.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been around for quite some time now and had it’s on and off days. From the early Windows to Windows 7 Internet Explorer was the default search browser in them.

The latest Internet Explorer 11 gives other search browsers a run for their money. It’s clean, efficient and not resource hungry. Somehow Microsoft has never paid much attention to it, and that’s why other browsers are ruling the internet browser world. It’s not that good at handling extensions and add-ons. But still, it’s a pretty robust and good browser.

Microsoft Edge

It is Microsoft’s latest search browser which comes with Windows 10. For some reason, Microsoft decided not to keep it downward compatible. It means if you invest in a Windows 10 machine only then can you use it.

Microsoft Edge is reported to be super fast and quite pleasant and friendly to use. Its biggest plus over previous Microsoft browsers is that its security features are quite strong.

Mac Safari

Mac users are quite happy with Safari which is Mac’s version of a search browser. A version of Safari was built for IPhone and IPad. Asides from offering all the features that a user wants in a good efficient search browser Safari also operates seamlessly over iCloud.

Safari is faster than Chrome and Firefox, and it has an inbuilt battery saver option which makes it ideal to use for frequent travelers.

Moving On

These are just some of the popular search browsers. There are quite a few browsers out there, and most of them are freeware. But we have limited our discussion to the most popular ones. Nowadays browsers are not only used on computers and laptops but are also being used on tablets and smartphones. Most tablets and smartphones come with default browsers.

It’s better to use the default browsers on smartphones rather than installing other browsers. You might have to pay for the browser or even if its freeware it might be resource hungry and may run you out of battery life very fast.

What is my browser?

Yes, you might find that a search browser is sluggish and is not performing as expected. It can happen if you are using a computer in an internet club or someone’s office. Your browser may become sluggish.

If you are wondering how to find my browser, or what is the browser on my computer? Don’t get worried. Just go to smallseotoolz.net and scroll down and click on ‘Browse More Tools.' In these tools icons, you will find ‘what is my browser’ icon. Just click on it, and it will display:

  • Browser name
  • Version No
  • Your OS
  • User Agent.

The browser name will be of the name of the browser through which you loaded the site and ran the query. Version no will be the version number you have downloaded and are using. Your OS will be the name and version of the operating system you are using.

If you have more than one browser installed on your computer, the results returned by smallseotoolz.net tool ‘Find my Browser’ will display the results of the search browser in which the query was run. This means that with this tool you can check if all the search browsers installed on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone are the latest and current versions.

You can check the latest browser version of your preferred browser and download and install it.

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